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Bing Translation Error Angers Saudi Arabia

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Bing Translation Error Angers Saudi Arabia

Microsoft’s search engine Bing has placed Microsoft Corporation in dilemma with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a mistranslation.

When the Arabic word “Daesh” (the Arabic acronym for the so-called Islamic State) was typed into “Bing Translate”, the English translation would appear as “Saudi Arabia”, according to “Khaberni” Site.
That technical error made a fuss in Saudi Arabia, when many Saudi social media users called for a boycott of Bing and Microsoft.

Microsoft Corporation has issued a formal apology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, describing the error “unintentional”.  In consequence, Mamduh Al-Najjar, officer of Microsoft’s Saudi Arabia branch, expressed his rejection towards anything that might offend Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, Microsoft rushed to amend the incorrect translation and opened an investigation to prevent such incidents in the future.

However, the translation may considered correct to many critics who have accused Saudi Arabia of funding “Daesh” directly and by taking limited action to prevent private donors from sending money to the group. Currently, it is estimated that around 2,500 Saudi nationals to be fighting with “Daesh”.

Besides the general dissatisfaction of the Kingdom’s relationship with “Daesh”, Saudi Arabia is part of a coalition of 34 Muslim nations formed to fight the extremist militant group – a position seems to be slightly complex for Bing to maneuver?

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