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USA search for a magical translation wond

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USA search for a magical translation wond

An automated language translation system or device must be able to interpret and analyze all elements of text or oral translations. Must have experience in grammar and syntax, and the signs of both languages; source language and target language, as well as knowledge of each geographical region of the individual speaking.

These devices must have the ability to update and add vocabulary immediately, copy all translations immediately, and enable the user to take notes and save additional information during use. It is preferred in these devices to translate colloquial language and phrases and slang texts. In addition, these devices should be obtained at a reasonable cost at the operational and installation level.

The institution that asks suppliers to provide ideas about this magical device is not the space fleet command, but the US Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). On July 20, 2016, the US Federal Bureau of Prisons - a subsidiary department of the US Department of Justice - launched an "Application for Information" on "Automatic Language Translation".

The US Federal Bureau of Prisons is a law enforcement agency responsible for arrest and execution of federal criminals accused of crimes at the national level ranging from identity theft, drug trafficking to terrorism. It consists of 122 correctional institutions, a central office and 32 other relevant offices, whose mission is to supervise nearly 200,000 federal prisoners.

Slator has reached the US Federal Bureau of Prisons to learn more about the state of use of the technology. "The US Federal Bureau of Prisons, in accordance with its policy, monitors the contacts of prisoners to ensure that they do not involve any form of further criminal activity, and this coverage covers both written and verbal communication, and with regard to communications written in foreign languages, translation services are required . "

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