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Confidentiality, security and protection of our customers’ information and data is of highly important to us. We are proud to announce that we developed innovative systems over the past 4 years that it empowered us to become one of the leading specialized language firms to be granted certification for our global systems and services. We apply the international standards for information security assurance.

Your data and documents are in the heart of our work as we ensure that only the appropriate people have access to client data and information. All our staff and linguists have to go through full background checks and are bound by confidentiality agreements and impartiality articles that cover all work and other communications they engage in. Our project managers check and monitor various linguistics works during every assignment to ensure compliance.

We have secured sending systems concerning all data when transmitted through secure means or via our own FTP servers. It is held in accordance with Data Protection standards.

We are keen on keeping our linguistic works safe so as to handle highly confidential material on a daily basis in addition to safe-keeping of such documents is a core part of our works and success.

We have partnerships with security and law-enforcement professionals who support us concerning specialized areas of business. This includes the recruitment and safe deployment of our linguists for high profile conferences. Special non-disclosure agreements are drafted for sensitive cases such as asset acquisitions and tenders.