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Consecutive interpreting is usually used in small group discussions, court proceedings, interviews, conference calls, speeches beside small conferences, meetings and presentations where there are two different languages involved. This technique requires the speaker to pause a little to allow the interpreter to speak usually a couple of sentences at a time so, the interpreter has the time to analyze the message as a whole, making it easier for the audience to deliver a more fluent and clear message. It is so easy because it does not require specialized equipments so it is a practical solution in many cooperates.

At Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation, we aim to provide that type of service that goes beyond expectations; a quality service that is tailored for you. Our network of linguists spin the world, meaning that we can supply consecutive interpreters to any location at any time.

We also provide specified consecutive interpreting services for government officials or business executives, investors or observers conducting on-site visits. This service is marked through our interpreters’ professionalism to respond spontaneously to the various situations they could be in from formal meetings, to factory tours or even welcoming parties.

Our consecutive interpreting rates are the most competitive rates among translation and interpreting agencies in the Middle East, and come with an attentive and dedicated customer service that could not be competed.

In line with consecutive interpretation, the interpreter speaks after the speaker has finished his speech. The speech is divided into small paragraphs, when the speaker finishes one; the interpreter then interprets the whole message into the target language. The consecutive interpreter will also be taking notes in the target language while the main speaker is talking, ensuring that no details are accidentally left out.

To understand the language one must understand its culture. We at Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation assign the task to the right interpreter who is having outstanding knowledge in that specific domain and is capable of conveying the dialogue quickly and accurately in a precise manner. In addition to a strong memory to be able to recall the utmost possible part of the heard message.

If you require the consecutive interpreter at any place a few hours in advance, let us know and you can rely on them to be there. If you would like speak and get to know the interpreter, we’ll gladly set up a meeting, either in person or over the phone.

Another version of consecutive interpretation is at-Sight Interpreting. It means translation at first sight, as the translator reads the text by his eyes without loud utterance of the written speech in the source language then translates into the target language promptly through speech.