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    The translation of beauty products and fashion related materials are one of the most innovative areas in branded trans-creation. ‘Aesthetics’ is a key-word in the success of the translation project, as the branded products depend primarily on their ‘appeal’ to the target consumers. But concepts of ‘aesthetics’ vary from culture to culture, and are not without their subjectivity. Whether it is a new perfume, or the introduction of a new makeup line, the language used for branding and marketing these products are highly emotive in their source languages. As a result, their translation become more of re-writing/creation process rather than a mere word-for-word transposition activity. Consequently, failure to recognize these essential aspects while undertaking the projects will result in marketed products that are flat and void of any cultural resonance or significance.
    That is why we here at SACT place special importance on translation projects in the cosmetics and fashion industry. We ensure that expert trans-creators and interpreters are equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience of both the linguistic/cultural demands of the target setting, as well as the target market conventions and regulations needed for the successful integration of the brand or product. When assigned to a project, we become in charge of the translation of all relevant materials including:  
• Websites and newsletters
• Branding and Copywriting
• Advertising materials
• Catalogues
• Scientific documents/ ingredients.
• Patents
• Regulatory documents
• Dossiers or press releases
• Marketing Campaigns
• Product labels & pamphlets
• Brochures and Leaflets
• E-commerce
• Packaging
• Video Subtitling and Dubbing
• Product Descriptions and Cautions
• Sales documents and sales pitches
• Staff Training and Onboarding
• HR Policy and Documentation
    In addition, we understand the importance of copyrighting in branded marketing translation. That is why we work closely with our clients to guarantee the creation of unique and effective content, without compromising the spirit of the source material. As for quality assurance and standardized terminology, we are known for using the latest automated quality tools in the industry, thereby adding another layer of uniformity to the produced material.
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