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Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems from any threats or unwarranted accesses. Both the rapid developments in the tech field and the businesses’ increased reliance on the Internet and IT platforms for sustainability have made cybersecurity all the more imperative.
Cyberattacks know no boundaries. Numerous leading corporates worldwide have been subject to incidents of cyber-threats and data breaches. Examples include companies like Target and Home Depot, the Ashley Madison website, the Federal Office of Personnel Management, Apple, and Yahoo. Companies are not the only target; all types of systems, whether financial, commercial or industrial, military, or governmental, where data/information is shared, stored or processed electronically, are vulnerable to such threats. The consequences of cyberattacks abound: from mere, yet devastating, financial losses, to identity theft and impersonation, to the more critical, nationwide security and life threats.
We here at SACT understand the centrality of cybersecurity for the safe and streamlined functioning of systems and businesses. We endeavour to present you with translation services for your cyber-security apparatuses while ensuring precision and simplicity in the target products.
Our group of linguists have been handling technical material for more than 5 years for the many cyber-security companies such as Symantec, Kaspersky, MacAfee and Norton. We manage any type of information, whether it is a process, procedure, warning, guideline, instruction or course of action embedded in the various security and protection systems.
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