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Desktop publishing (also known as DTP) is the process of formatting documents through using page layout features. Desktop publishing software is the main reference for digital typography and can produce layouts and typographic texts and images that are comparable to traditional typography and printings. We at Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation (SACT) apply this technology as it not only allows businesses, individuals but also other organizations and cooperates to self-publish a wide range of printed items.

 You need desktop publishing services when completing any usual translation task so that, you can give your project all the characteristics of materials written in the target language. After your translation project reached its last stage, you start to think about its final format and how it will look like. It is essential to have a defined creative layout of your document and to be free of typographical errors as these mistakes will have a negative impact on your final product. At Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation, we are keen to provide you with all what you need that you will have your materials and publications in the most accurate formats that respond to your target audiences.

 Desktop publishing methods offer control over design, layout and typography more than word processing. However, word processing software has developed to include some capabilities previously available only with professional printing or desktop publishing. Our desktop publishing service way of working as follows; as we receive the source publications in their format. Extract their content for translation or editing, then create the target content mirroring the source content.


Our staff of linguists is professional in dealing with various programs content; MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and Adobe products (Adobe Acrobat, Adobe In Design, Adobe Illustrator). You can use a less common application or program to publish your content. Moreover, we will be ready to help you with our DTP solutions that will certainly appeal to you and your target audiences.

 DTP skills and software have the same used skills for common paper and book publishing which is used to create graphics for retail package designs, outdoor signs, trade show exhibits, promotional items and point of sale displays. In spite of desktop publication software is classified and only used in printing and PDF publications, on the other side DTP skills are not limited to print as it may be used for web design or user interface design for any graphical user interface as the content produced by desktop publishers may be used for electronic media. When it is used proficiently, DTP skills allow the user to produce various materials, from magazines to menus and books, regardless of commercial printing cost either for large scale publishing or small scale or local multi-function external output for e-books, web content, and web pages.

 Regardless of the application you have used to prepare your source content, our desktop publishing services can tackle the format of your content, including but not limited to;


  • Adobe Frame Maker
  •  Adobe Home Publisher
  •  Adobe Illustrator
  •  Adobe InDesign
  •  Adobe Muse
  •  Adobe Page Maker
  •  Adobe Photoshop
  •  Aldus Personal Press
  •  Apple Pages 4. x
  •  Banner Mania
  •  Corel Ventura
  •  Corel draw
  •  Studio Publisher
  •  Microsoft PowerPoint
  •  Microsoft Publisher
  • / LibreOffice
  •  Page Stream (used to be “Publishing Partner”)
  •  Printworks (Mac App Store)
  •  PTC Arbor text