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Although difficult to define in precise terms, the food industry can be seen as the collection of various businesses responsible for manufacturing and supplying food to the world’s population. As numerous nations participate in the discourse on this industry, the resulting materials will naturally be multilingual. And given the centrality of food and nutritional knowledge to humans and their well-being, the translation of such information requires the utmost accuracy. As with the translation in other domains, we fully understand the importance of achieving such requirement. Accuracy and precision of target materials will not only help increase market shares and sales for our business clients, but will also ensure that the end-users are fully capable of understanding, and hence benefiting from, the products they buy and consume.
At SACT, we carry out our translations in controlled processes: we rely on exiting translations memories, glossaries, and style-guides. Apart from translation, our experiences in-house translators will edit and proofread the materials, which will then undergo automated quality testing before finally publishing the product on whichever platform chosen. If requested by the client, we can provide an SME for doubled quality and standardization assurance.
Food and nutrition encompass numerous fields and activities. We provide translation for the following domains:    
• Agriculture and agronomy
• Food processing
• Food industry technologies
• Dietary supplement
• Dairy Industry
• Countries Regulations
• Wholesale and distribution plans
• Marketing and Advertising Materials
• Food Retail
• Food and Bioprocess Technology
• Food chemistry
• Food engineering
• Food storage
• Food supplements
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