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Legal translation service is a service that has been formally approved for use for official purposes. Translating and interpreting a legal context is a specialized process requiring accuracy, reliability and confidentiality. Documents that require certified translation include papers that have to be submitted to Immigration or Naturalization Department (such as birth, divorce, passports, marriage certificates, high school certificates, university degrees and training certificates if any in addition to many others).

Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation (SACT) is specialized in various translation services including; legal businesses, ensuring the highest quality and accurate translations. We have been delivering legal translation services for over 4 years to various law firms in the Middle East and throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. We provide these companies and law firms with a range of legal translation services including: translations of contracts and agreements, translation Intellectual Property, translation of trademarks, certified translations and official document translation.

SACT is a certified translation and interpretation company through Saudi Chamber of Commerce under Saudi law. This can ensure you that our quality of work is the highest level for all your projects. If you have an upcoming requirement for a legal translation you can contact one of our dedicated project managers to discuss your needs.

When it comes to legal translation, experience matters in translating legal documents as we have over than 4 years in serving various categories of clients. Whether you want legal translation or another type of translation, never accept less than expert translators when it comes to translation of legal documents. It is required to have basic knowledge of the legal systems of both the source and target languages.

In literary translation, a translator may add or remove some words in order to render the message and the meaning of the text. Unlike literary language, legal language should be brief, concise and clear. Ambiguity may lead to different interpretations and so different readings and messages, which in turn lead to differences and gaps between parties.

The three No’s of legal translation: No addition, No omission, No alteration are highly important that cannot be discarded. Accuracy and confidentiality are a need when it comes to translating legal texts. One mistake in translating an official document could lead to lawsuit. As legal translation has its traps. When it comes to translate legal documents, translator need to be precise as in technical translation.

Our legal translation services include:

Certified translation services requested by clients in the legal sector include:

·         Witness statements

·         Trusts

·         Powers of attorney

·         Litigation documents

·         Immigration documents

·         Depositions

·         Wills

·         Articles of incorporation

·         Property/exhibit labels

·         Articles of Association,

·         Contracts

·         Licensing agreements

·         Commercial law

·         Company and competition law

·         Intellectual Property

·         International Trade

·         Maritime Law

·         Property law

·         Inheritance law