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Literary Translation is simply the migration of feeling to language. This category contains many works, such as poetry, stories, novels, journalistic articles, intellectual creations, humanities, and related categories. Translation of humanities and literature is the art transferring knowledge and artful presentation from one language to another. We have translated various literary works like poems, short stories, plays and novels that have been translated.

Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation (SACT) Office is keen on promoting the principles of cultures dialogue and transferring ideas of humanities that reflecting the culture on both sides in line with contemporary thought in a dynamic way without prejudice to that humanitarian message in the original text.


Literary translation is not that effort to provide a literal , word for word translation of the source text; but rather it is an attempt to convey the author’s original message in new style and to recall the same mood and manner of the original narrative to foreign audiences and readers. In addition, to have a deep knowledge of the foreign languages and cultures involved, literary translators sometimes can be described to be more creative than writers themselves beside being literature experts.


Providing a professional literary translation of the highest quality requires the most talented, skilled and creative linguists. Works of literature are written in an eloquent and dynamic prose which makes translating them both a meticulous artistic task that could be a masterpiece than the text itself.


The literary translator captures the style, point of view and emotion of the author to ensure that true spirit of the work transfer smoothly through the chosen language. A word for word translations provide the reader with an accurate text but not representing the richness or the soul of the text that a creative translator introduces. We only empower linguists who have that skill of creative writing and possess different artistic skills in addition to cultural awareness and knowledge of the industry itself. Your creative works and business communications mean everything to us so we ensure they are kept confidential in secure offices. We are the first specialist language firm to focus on security.


Books are spread widely. They are one of many ways where we get to know the past, especially historical information. Books provide loads of information that can be shared across the globe. The information shared through books help in developing the culture of the country. People across the world need access to books and language is the barrier in that access and you could share your thoughts and information through it.

 Translating a novel is becoming the latest trend in recent days and it is also becoming successful in reaching a large number of people across the globe. There are many popular novels written by popular writers and have achieved the best sales. At the same time, such novels are written in their native languages which cannot be read by others who does not know that language. But the popularity of the novel tempts the novel readers to somehow read it. So it will be possible and easy for other readers across the world to read various novels popular in other countries across the global, that online novel translation can be done.

 Similar to that process of translating a novel, there is another sector of translating poems which require more efforts to be exerted, as the poetry translator must translate each and every line with ultimate sense and feeling that he would keep the same meaning the author wishes his readers would get beside, maintaining the poetic impact.