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Medical translation is highly a specialized field since medical documents are scientific and complex to translate. They require great accuracy and expertise to ensure professional translation that is why you don’t just need common translators. But you have to seek a translation company with reputable experience in medical translation services and recognized credentials!


 At SACT, we strive to translate medical documents to the highest standards of translation quality by relying on specialized medical translators. We tailor our services to the needs and requirements of our clients.



How We Work


Every medical translation project is handled by our project managers so you can assured to get all your needs at the highest level of quality, efficient turnaround and confidentiality of your medical documents. Project Managers assign projects to translators according to their specialization in translation areas and their experience. All our projects go through revision, editing and proofreading by an equally experienced translator before delivery.

At SACT, we have the technology tools needed to get the job done on time and within budget. We work with translation memory and specialized glossaries for medical translation projects to ensure accuracy, consistency and adapt translations to particular industry or company-specific language.

Certified Translation Services

SACT is  Saudi Chamber of Commerce certified, which means that you can be confident of a professional medical translation of the highest quality. We have been supporting the medical, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors for many years and has become a preferred supplier to an increasing number of multinational medical, chemical and pharmaceutical companies. We have all the required expertise and skills to provide medical translation of the highest quality.


Do not Compromise on Quality When It Has to Do with Medical Translation!

As medical mistakes are costly, the same is for translation mistakes especially when it comes to medical issues. It is not an option that you hire high quality experienced translation agency but a persistent must as lives may be lost. Actually, medical mistakes are not just mistakes, they are worse than being mistakes. Hence comes the strong emphasis on the quality of medical translation.


SACT delivers a service that is vital in respect of our work. We have that expertise to finish your medical translation that vary from being simple medical receipts for insurance purposes, to complex pharmaceutical reports. SACT has these translators who have wide medical and scientific backgrounds so you don’t have to worry about the complication that surrounds medical translations, we have it covered.

We cover a variety of medical documentations, including:

·     Consultation reports

·     Codes of conduct

·     Discharge summaries

·     Medical notice information

·     Patient information

·     Research papers

·     Medical letters

·      Healthcare leaflets

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