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Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation (SACT) provides defense sector translation services to the Saudi Ministry of Defense and Aviation and undertakes projects for non-governmental organization and defense equipment manufacturers worldwide in a range of required matters such as Land, Air, and Sea. Our service is based on quality, reliability, and confidentiality.


SACT has been engaged in various translation tasks related to military and defense projects for the past four years and due to the vigorous, dynamic and toughness of military environment, it has become vital to ensure that each and every task is accurately, instantly and properly translated into its target language.


Military translation is a particularly specialized and complicated branch of translation, as the documentation is extensive, with inputs from various departments within our Company. It is always subject to review, proofreading, and timescales. We have created and developed a translation memory to include all of the common military terminology and expression to ensure consistency and quickness towards translated files read this post here. Documentation is done securely in accordance with Saudi Ministry of Defense and Aviation requirements. SACT responds very well to clients’ needs, providing quotations and high-quality translations within requested deadlines which are invariably short, making every effort to comply with clients’ requirements.


We have been providing translation services to the defense sector for over 4 years. As well as we currently provide service of translation contracts with some of Ministry Of Defense agencies in addition to providing our services to prime contractors, integrators, and other defense-related suppliers. Integrity and professionalism are both the key to our service provision. This is why the Ministry Of Defense has continued to entrust materials for translation to us since 2010. The challenge of working in sometimes difficult circumstances means the need for language services such as the intelligence and security consulting industries that cannot be underestimated.


SACT is obviously conscious of these sectors unique requirements and our professional linguists are fully trained and aware of that strict obligation of security related work. We regularly make team groups of specialist translators undertake that sensitive work for which technical understanding, security, and confidentiality are essential. Linguists working in the security sector are engaged in interpreting as well as the translation. We provide both English, Arabic, and other languages when needed translators of the highest quality, and our linguists are found throughout the Arabic-speaking world.


Our military and defense translators have strong experiences and backgrounds within the military translation field. In addition, the security and confidentiality of your content are guaranteed. Our site is highly secured and we develop various systems and procedures that guarantee and maintain your data and confidentiality. All of our staff are familiar with confidentiality issues and deal with all documentations and data as highly confidential and totally secured. As a professional linguistic services provider, our linguists abide by objectivity, confidentiality, and neutrality under the Terms and Conditions stipulated by us. Besides these non-disclosure agreements extend across the board to include all of our staff and any professionals who work for us. When on site, linguists wear photo identification at all times and carry documentation as proof of their identity, relationship and contact details of Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation as means of verification.


We have worked with a various range of companies, including intelligence, navigation, vehicles, weapons, surveillance, satellite, defense technology and thermal imaging companies.


Whatever the defense products, from information systems to watercraft, from aircraft to weaponry, confidential and professional translation is a must in this highly concentrated risky market. We have a portfolio of clients in this sector because of our specialist knowledge, responsiveness and ability deal with urgent projects.