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Translation is the bridge upon which knowledge and cultures transfer across nations. In the ancient time, translators had troubles finding references and moving from one place to another, while nowadays the new technologies and communications means has made the world a small village which enable translators to bridge over these difficulties. In a globalized world, translation becomes more and more important. It is considered one of diverse means of communication that builds bridges between different cultures.


Translation studies changed from linguistically oriented approach to culturally oriented one, which means that a text cannot be seen as an isolated element. The translator cannot deal with the original text without contextualization in reference to the culture, political, religious and linguistic aspects. The aim of a translator is to reproduce a text from the source language into the target language, capturing the style of the original text to have the structure of an original composition.

 The translator deals with text in three phases; the first phase is to understand the message given in the source language. The second phase is to analyze the text in the light of its grammatical relationships and vocabulary The third phase includes two steps; the first one is translation, in which the analyzed message is transferred from the source language into the target language, and the second step is revising and restructuring the translated text, as to make the final message completely understandable in the receptor language.

 In general, the translation process is not just to transfer the source text into target language only. But translators should be aware of the fact that the receptor waits an original composition that reflects the ideas and message of the original text without misinterpretation in the translation process. As what is known, the culture is rooted in the language so translation is a process aims to enhance values that may be religious, political, commercial or educational. Thus, through translation we build bridges among different cultures.