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The oil industry is one of the most sensitive sectors worldwide. It gains its significance not only from the involvement of critical stakeholders in decision making processes. The sectors is important due to its high-risk nature, where errors and mistakes must be avoided at all costs.
Consequently, a field so highly critical surely must engage highly technical experts. From the excavation phase, to the final stages of oil and gas production, to all relevant the processes and operations taking place in between, accuracy, precision, and expertise are paramount.
As an industry that operates on an international scale, a number of multi-lingual parties will be involved in its operations almost every step of the way. Hence the demand for translation.
At SACT, we understand the technical requirements needed in the translation of the oil and gas industry. That is why we guarantee to provide our clients with expert translators, professionals who are not only meticulous linguists, but are also industry-savvy. With their extensive knowledge of industry-specific terms and jargons, our pool of translators are capable of meeting all the challenges and demands posed by this field.
Here are some of the documents that fall under our expertise:
• Websites & petroleum products marketing
• Bids and proposals
• Feasibility studies
• Translations of joint venture agreements
• Companies’ contracts
• Hardware & Machinery Manuals
• Safety guidelines
• Production of pipelines, raw and processed material
• Drilling manuals, guidelines and analysis
• Geological & exploration analysis
Please reach us at info@sact.co for more on this service.