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Proofreading and copy editing services require a real dynamic eye for details and a deep knowledge of the target language. We, at Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation know that our clients need the ultimate accuracy when it comes to proofreading, and with our expertise in various fields in translation such as legal, financial and medical sectors we can ensure that our service will satisfy your requirements and needs.

Our professional proofreaders are experts in detecting and correcting any errors including content, spelling, grammar and any other inaccuracies which may cause confusion or misunderstanding. On the other hand, all of our proofreading work is done by expert proof-readers who compare the original documents with the translations done for a high standard accuracy.

If you are looking for a professional proofreading service then you are at the right place. We can handle any task whatever its size or specialization. During the proofreading process, special attention is given to typos and grammatical errors, style, consistency, formatting, and accuracy of terminology. At Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation, our in-house and freelance proofreaders check the translated material with the original text, and also review the text according to your guidelines.

Our competitive rates for proofreading vary according to the rate of translation. However, if you are interested in using just our proofreading and copy editing services, our project management will offer you a quote based on your needs, such as dissertation proofreading. As a standard rate, our proofreaders manage to proofread more than 5,000 words per day. But if you need really fast turnaround we can assign a higher number to tackle your assignment according to your deadline.

With our global network that is over 1200 linguists, there are no limits to our service. We exceed all exceptions, so any text or any writer benefits from having additional proofreading. Furthermore, our proofreaders also suggest any potential content and errors of fact so the writer can avoid them. They are extremely detail-focused and familiar with a variety of resources like word processing software, style guides and multilingual dictionaries.

At Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation (SACT), our proofreading and copy editing services will give your project a final seal of approval, assuring that your translation will be read as if it were written in the target language. Our editing services usually include researching any terminology that raises doubts, highlighting them and creating more accurate translation. However, rewriting, if necessary, may be the best solution. Professional proofreaders know how to abide by the rules and understand when to break them or think out of the box to get a good effect. As a client, you do not have to worry, as we have proofreading process after the editing process and will not cost you extra. All these terms and conditions are clearly stipulated in the linguists’ contracts and in our compensation insurance.

At SACT, we provide you with custom-made proofreading and copy editing services. Whether you want our proofreading services to include revisions or not, we only ask you to specify the scope of services required. Usually, when a client asks for proofreading, we expect that it will be in need of correcting grammar errors, formatting issues, syntactic mistakes or typos. But if you need proofreading services for different or wider usages or scope, simply do not hesitate to ask for that.