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Saleh Al Omar for Certified Translation (SACT) is accredited by Saudi Chamber of Commerce and operates under a quality policy, which forms an integral part of SACT Quality schedule. It includes our commitment to deliver fast and accurate translation services to our clients, ensuring their satisfaction without sacrificing quality or deadlines. In addition, it includes our commitment of the continuous improvement to all aspects of our business and services that are supported through all employees.

Saleh Al Omar for Certified Translation (SACT) quality model is based on providing precise monitored translation and interpreting services for each assignment. Our multilingual project management team is unique within the translation industry and ensure various processes that cannot skip Quality Assurance steps.

We take quality very seriously and our policy is one of Total Quality Management. We apply this to all of our procedures and our people. Our Quality Management System is designed to give you peace of mind. Our commitment towards clients appearing in investing people supports our aim to deliver outstanding quality.

As we understand the effect that a bad or poor translation or an incorrect interpretation could have on your business, we place great emphasis on checking, monitoring and feedback procedures for all of our work. But perhaps the best warranty of our quality of what we deliver is the number of not only our clients but also our partners of success who rely on us. These relationships are the core of our company long-term strength.

Our strength and competitive rates in addition to our position as a leading language solutions provider lies in our ability to manage dedicated teams of project managers, translators, interpreters, proofreaders, language trainers, support staff, information technology specialists and infrastructure to deliver projects varying from a few days or weeks to several years. Our team has the experience and expertise to manage multilingual projects and contracts of all sizes.

Our team’s language skills, cultural knowledge, technical and management expertise provide the know-how to deliver a total project management solution based on our quality management system. Translation tools support our linguists and increase efficiency and consistency. Glossary management tools ensure consistency and effective management of client-specific terminology


Our approach in translation quality management is based on the principle that every aspect of life has its own specialization such as; engineering documents should be translated by professional translators who are also engineers, and medical documents need to be translated by linguists trained in the medical sciences.

To be a reliable translation partner, SACT has developed a vigorous system for translation and linguistic project management and quality control, which is incorporated with every step of the translation process. Our translation methodology consists of a system of workflow control and cross-checks, technology tools, and client interaction, resulting in a complete product.

 SACT works closely with you to ensure that we understand and tailor our service to deliver the support you need when you need it.

Our quality process consists of many steps which are as follows:

 1.     Document receipt

2.     Order assignment

3.     Document analysis and assessment

4.     Deadline agreement

5.     Allotting resources

6.     Translation

7.     Revision and proofreading

8.     Quality assurance and tracking file from receiving till delivery

9.     End formatting and desktop publishing

10. File delivery and ensure client satisfaction

11. Customer survey.