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Religious translation is a wide field that requires more than accuracy, extensive expertise, knowledge, and familiarity with all its aspects. Religious translations differ according to the different religions.

Translation of religious texts has been a key and core element in spreading Allah message throughout all ages. It is also employed for teaching the basics of religion as it is mirroring the beauty of faith and morality around the globe. As a powerful instrument for missionary purposes, it should be as accurate and precise as possible and must be in accordance with sound belief. Translator must understand the original source text and transfer it faithfully, accurately and integrally into the receptor language, without adding or omitting a single part of the original content.

In religious translation, the translator have to keep the same meaning without any alteration or creativity. As there are three main religions; Islam, Christianity and Judaism each of which has its own book; the Bible, the Quran, and the Torah. In addition to these merely religious books that Allah send his messengers with. There are millions interpretations to their texts and verses. Religious translation is problematic in terms of the status of translation. The intended meaning of a certain religious word may, for instance, differ between Christian and Muslim usages. Unfortunately, we find a wide range of translation errors in religious materials which Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation (SACT) diligently corrects them whenever found. This is considered a gross error and is frequently committed while translating Islamic Arabic texts into foreign languages.

Our religious translation services are characterized by a precise quality and we are recognized as pioneers in that respect. We provide religious translations such as Islamic research, books, and references, and we have many participations in this field, who have been thought of favorably by the authors and their readers.

The transfer of religious texts from one language to another involves, among other things, the scientific study of language, including phonology, morphology, lexis, and semantics. Most of our translators of religious texts are native speakers of the target language. So be sure that you will get a great experience in dealing with us.