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Saleh Al Omar for Certified Translation (SACT) provides various solutions tailored to your needs for interpretation and simultaneous interpretation in particular. Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most required and interesting linguistic services more than any other service. As it is provided for conferences or court sessions or diplomatic meetings or seminars or interviews in order to meet all requirements of our precious clients

Simultaneous interpretation is a very widespread field of translation, which is critically needed in many occasions held by a multilingual audiences requiring communication. It is also known as oral or real time Interpretation which takes place within a given period of time and the interpreter is bound by this time during which the original message is said, and his role begins immediately after or during uttering such a message. This type of interpretation does not abide by the same accuracy or the same original style of text; but rather, it is sufficient for the interpreter to convey the content or essence of the speaker original message.


Saleh Al Omar for Certified Translation can provide many professional specialized interpreters for our national and international clients. We understand your needs first then depending on the nature of the project, you will be assigned interpreters with specialized expertise and skills in your particular field that will be discussed, whether it is scientific, technical, legal, medical or commercial. A professional interpreter brings his years of expertise in dealing with many problems of inter-lingual communication, and will have the knowledge to eliminate and bridge that gap in various situations and fields. The interpreter sits in a soundproof booth and interprets the speaker’s message in the target language as soon as from the source language.


Saleh Al Omar for Certified Translation (SACT) has reached the summit of simultaneous interpretation service as we have participated in many and different international events; either global or local conferences, and we provide simultaneous interpretation services with unique, unparalleled efficiency.


We would require all related documents and reference materials to be used in interpretation service. Interpreters should have the same data and documents as the same which sent to the participants. In addition, presentations or flyers or papers that will be distributed during the meeting, especially those for discussion will be available to our team of interpreters before they are discussed.


Through hiring professional interpreters, they are chosen for their mother tongue fluency, and we make sure to satisfy all your interpreting needs that varying from international conferences or school meetings or medical consultations or business meetings or seminars. So if you are searching for an interpretation agency to handle your academic, financial, legal, technical, medical or business related issues, therefore, you are at the right place and at the right hands. Once you tell us about your needs we will take care of everything in a professional and friendly manner.