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Transcription is converting a spoken language source into a written form. It is regarded as the most complicated task for an individual who actually writes what others exactly think or feel. At Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation (SACT), you will be sure that whatever the type of your speech, our team will provide you with the same exact utterance and it will be fluently transcribed to ensure that the meaning is in line with the original text


Our staff can transfer your writings or scripts or recorded messages in either English language or Arabic language with accuracy and efficiency as well as offering a precise service. Whether you are an individual or a business cooperate and require a professional transcription service, we are here to help.


All transcription materials are reviewed by our quality assurance department before it is final and ready for delivery. If you need someone who can take care of your transcription requirements with full expertise then Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation (SACT) is the right choice for you. Our global networks of professional translators, transcribers, and linguists handle both English and Arabic languages across a range of different sectors, and they are upon your request to help you with your needs.


As an international translation services company, we have professional transcribers, who can handle both English and Arabic languages and they are at hand to take your project into account. Therefore, either the language of the audio is in English or Arabic, we will do its transcription for you. We work on all types of digital audio files. In addition, all data can be transmitted to us via our own servers and held in accordance with Data Protection standards. Be assured that your security data are at the heart of everything we do.


All our transcriptions’ works undergo a process of two stage. Each recording is transcribed by a professional transcriber then checked by a linguist for accuracy and integrity. If any words, phrases or spelling are unclear, these will be put within square brackets [], indicating that it requires verification by the client.

 When your transcripts are completed, we will return it back via email or CD or a hard copy within the deadline and in accordance with your instructions and our standards. In addition, you may choose at the start whether you wish to have a verbatim or standard transcription. For an additional charge, time coding may also be inserted to indicate each change of speaker. Good quality sound files enable the transcription to be the best. Electronic files are preferred as they provide easy and quick formats so you can work with and can be uploaded securely to our website.


Many factors can affect the time taken to transcribe recordings. Rates offered for each project will be upon content, number of speakers, rate of speech, whether any accents, background noise and quality of audio recording. We keep the right to review our quotation if it differs significantly from the information provided, or if the recording is unclear.


We always aim to offer our clients the most competitive rates possible for transcription, without taking anything away from our client care. Our goal is to help you get exactly what you need, when you need it


You will receive your transcription services from an Accredited Provider as our works are accredited from the Saudi chamber of commerce as well as being a full-service translation agency, we can serve as your one-stop provider for any linguistic services or any other language needs.

 Our translation services are seamlessly integrated with our linguistic and transcription services. As a registered member of the Saudi chamber of commerce, all of our translations abide by the professional requirements of that governmental agency. Therefore you can be assured that you will always receive a first-class service with us.