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Aiming at the well-being and advancement of our nation, the Kingdom has designed a comprehensive road map, Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, spearheaded by energetic Deputy Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud. The Vision outlines an ambitious 14-year reform strategy for the economy, which is set to diversify economic resources, reduce reliance on oil and improve the Kingdom’s investment climate.


It is my pleasure to present Saudi Arabia’s Vision for the future. It is an ambitious yet achievable blueprint, which expresses our long-term goals and expectations and reflects our country’s strengths and capabilities. ….

 “We are confident about the Kingdom’s future. With all the blessings Allah has bestowed on our nation, we cannot help but be optimistic about the decades ahead. We ponder what lies over the horizon rather than worrying about what could be lost”. ….


All this comes from the directive of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman, may Allah protect him, who ordered us to plan for a future that fulfills your ambitions and your aspirations.

In line with his instructions, we will work tirelessly from today to build a better tomorrow for you, your children and your children’s children.

 These are excerpts from the Kingdom’s blueprint “Vision 2030” set out by His Highness, Prince Mohammed bin Salman – Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince, Minister of Defense and Chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs – who is looking to build the best future for our country and fulfill his hopes for a prosperous and thriving future.

 It is not surprising that Saudi Arabia’s leadership always works to boost the Kingdom’s prosperity through paying attention to all issues related to the Saudi citizen, since the citizen is the major milestone for the nation building, and his well-being is a proven path to the country’s prosperity.


The Deputy Crown Prince believes that his vision for the future should be built on the nation’s points of strength, adding that Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is based on three pillars; vibrant society, thriving economy and ambitious nation.

 The first pillar is represented in the Saudi society which is a vibrant one; its members live in accordance with Islamic principles and well-established values, and they are proud of their national identity and cultural heritage. Saudi Arabia has positioned itself in a high status in the Muslim World and has become a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome. It has carved a special place in the hearts of pilgrims and Muslims everywhere.

 The second pillar of the Vision is to thrive economically through optimal utilization of the Kingdom’s strategic geographical position, competition for attracting more investments, the effectiveness of these investments and the creation of fruitful opportunities.

 In consequence, the vibrant society and thriving economy will achieve the ambitious nation-building goals. The third pillar focuses on the effective role of the public sector and the need to continuously develop its performance to cope with aspirations and hopes and be able to overcome challenges. This will be attainable through commitment to high standards of transparency and accountability, as well as efficient and effective management of financial resources, in addition to resilience in structuring and relying on the performance culture in all of our actions.

 In light of these pillars, and as being part of our nation, we bear its burdens and work towards its welfare and prosperity. In line with the vision of our leadership that spares no effort to the nation’s future prosperity, we have set this Vision as the point of reference for our future decisions, so that all future projects are aligned to its content.

 In our institution, we seek to actively contribute to building the society and work to reflect its prestigious image to the whole world. We are working hard to draw an integrated image of the Saudi society, namely its adherence to Islamic principles, well-established values and pride in our national identity. We will spread this image worldwide by talking to the world in its languages, depending on our extensive experience in the field of translation. Our key objective is to bridge the gaps between cultures.

 We also seek to bring to the Saudi society an image of cultures from around the world, the matter that plays an important role in the enrichment of the society and its intellect leading to have creative minds and innovation tools.

 Moreover, we seek – through our experience – to contribute to the enhancement of the second pillar of Saudi Arabia’s Vision for 2030. There is no doubt that leveraging the Kingdom’s unique geographical position and the availability of competitive investments will improve trade growth and business volume by increasing effective investments and creating fruitful opportunities. This requires special capabilities to be provided to domestic and foreign investors, economists and businessmen inside and outside the Kingdom, by providing translation services in different fields; legal, financial, economic and administrative. These services will help overcome many of language difficulties that represent the first obstacle any foreign investor seeks to overcome when investing in a foreign country. Also, we contribute to building a bridge of communication between foreign investors and domestic economists, traders and businessmen. All can use this bridge as a mean of communication to achieve further cooperation and investment.

 Our ambition is to meet the needs of our ambitious nation, and our aim is to keep up with the constant evolution of the government’s performance and comply with the standards of this performance by offering our translation and interpreting services in different fields to various government agencies, serving the interests of the Kingdom and achieving the development objectives.

 Our vision for the future starts from the present; Saudi Vision 2030 mainly depends on hard work and struggle for the elevation of this nation and it emerges our vision to contribute to building the Kingdom’s future.