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There is a global scenario where competition increases on a daily basis and web content has become an essential and an effective tool for businesses and individuals to attract more customers worldwide. If you have business and a website with a potential customer base in the Middle East or England then your web content have to be in both Arabic and English language so you can get maximum benefits from your web. Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation is an expert linguistics provider when it comes to web content translation from English to Arabic and vice versa. Whether it is English or Arabic we are here to help you to meet all your web content translation needs.

If you want to know the difference between Translation and Localization, you will find out that translation focuses on the conversion of lexical and other sets of words from the source to the target language, while localization focuses on social differences of the target demographic. These factors are vital to making the language of the website seem natural and native.

From creating website content till translating that content, you will get all your services under one roof, with ultimate care as all your works are being reviewed by experts and professional content writers and translators. We can translate your web content in many languages, as you require. We provide inclusive translation services for different websites. As well as formatting documents from the original website material, in addition to maintain the exact original context and purpose which will be appropriate for our website designers and programmers later on. We take care of various components included in your website that are usually ignored, such as FAQ, contact pages, terms and conditions, privacy policy and inquiry forms.

Your potential clients are much more likely to ask for their needed services from websites that address them in their own language. We realize that competition is high and expectations are higher. There is a Common Survey stated that most of the global clients only use service or buy products from websites that provide them with information in their own language. So having a professional website localized that is displayed in many languages offers a good opportunity of investment for businesses seeking to expand their global existence.

We, at Saleh Al Omar Certified Translation (SACT) have professional and qualified translators and developers within our global network. Although we have a few years of experience in translating and localizing websites and software for many companies, we have proven to worth more.

We provide highly structured, comprehensive and innovative techniques to our website content translation and localization services. We work to meet your needs and all special requests regardless of your preferred means of service or delivery. If you need our team of developers to work directly within your platform and within your code or you prefer to have your website translated and uploaded directly onto your content management system; we can do it for you. Otherwise, you may prefer to have the website translation submitted in another file so we will do it through our flexibility in dealing.

Our experts will do their best to arrange your priorities and suggest other foreign languages that are being worldwide used in addition to the key phrases you are targeting and they will check your page as well, to see that it is correctly configured to identify the language and characters used. You can have a multilingual website and have it translated within days or weeks rather than months. We help you to grow online because we make it easy for your website to be multilingual. If you need to have any initial discussion or to know, more about our service simply contact us.